Wafini Resources


Detailed Roadmap Of The Wafini NFT Marketplace Development Timeline
Phase One
- Wafini Idea Brainstorming
- Social Media Channels Set Up
- Website release
- Litepaper Release
- Wafini NFT Marketplace Initial Demo Release
- Seed & Pre-Sale to early investors
- $WFI Token Staking Release
- Wafini MVP Release On Cardano Pre-Prod Environment
Phase Two
- WFI Token Public Sale
- Wafini NFT Marketplace Incentivized Testing
- WFI Listing on Decentralized Exchange and Centralized Exchanges
- Implementation $WFI Token utility on Wafini Marketplace such as governance, discount on Transaction fees
- Launch of Wafini NFT Platform On Cardano Main-net
Phase Three
- Strategic partnerships with Cardano projects
- Further Development / improvement of the Wafini Ecosystem
- Milkomeda Side-chain & Algorand Integration